At it’s core, Paull&Co is a design studio led by the creative direction of Paul Lombardi. We like to design things and make stuff (and sometimes not in that order). We’ve also learned through experience that good design is just part of the equation when it comes to satisfying the needs of our clients. An iconic logo, a strong visual identity, and exquisite typography are more important now than ever. But so too is a real understanding of brand strategy, user experience, and content management.

Whether creating a brand from scratch, repositioning an existing brand to be better fit it’s market’s needs, or extending a brand into new markets, consumers now expect to be engaged seamlessly across a wide variety of media in both the digital and physical world. Additionally, they seek an integrated experience that is highly personalized and intuitive, and one that provides instant gratification. Understanding your audience, and how they want to be engaged is the first step. The second involves putting your product or service in front of that audience clearly and concisely. Of course, you want to do it with style in a way that makes you stand apart, and also appeals to your consumer’s sensibilities and tastes.

That’s what we do best.

To accomplish this, we also understand that it takes a wide variety of talented people, and that every client has different, distinct needs. That’s why we tailor each team specifically for each client or project, pulling the best individuals from each discipline who are specialists in their respective fields. From copywriters to console jockeys, architects to account executives, we carefully select the right group of people to get the job done.

[third end=””]Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity
Logo & Icon Design
Brand Books & Guidelines
Collateral Materials
[/third][third end=””]UI/UX Design
Graphic Systems
Information Design
Content Planning & Mgmt
[/third]Product Development
Package Design
Interior Design
Textile Design